Terlingua Preservation Society
a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation
Terlingua Preservation Society is in no way 
affiliated with the Terlingua Racing Team
T18 is OPEN for registration!
If you are interested in attending please let David Elkowitz know so that you can be given massive amounts of useless information!

This is IT!
This website is THE place
for Official Information about
"Terlingua 2018"
Thursday, October 11th
Sunday, October 14

at the Lajitas Resort in the Texas Big Bend country.
PLUS, you won't want to miss
the optional but HIGHLY suggested pre-event caravan meet-up
Wednesday, October 10th
in ALPINE Texas.

If you are on Facebook, be sure to check out our

All registration is OPEN!

To reserve a spot you MUST email David Elkowitz at vorpl8@yahoo.com!

This year's 10th-anniversary event promises to be the BIGGEST and BEST ever! The list of VIP's, the Auction items and the returning alumni are AMAZING!

Want to make a donation to TPS? Want to help support the Terlingua Fire and EMS? How about the Terlingua High School? Maybe you want to donate to Activets? You can do any of those things by clicking on the link below - you don't even need a PayPal account, just a credit card. All donations are tax deductible (but contact your tax preparer to get more details as we are NOT tax professionals)