Terlingua Preservation Society
The Terlingua Preservation Society is a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation headed up by a group of friends who share a love for Carroll Shelby-designed vehicles and the Carroll Shelby legacy, in particular the very special part of the world he would go for R&R in his heyday: the Texas Big Bend country.

Mission Statement: The Terlingua Preservation Society is dedicated to raising funds in support of the Terlingua, Texas, community, while sharing the Carroll Shelby tradition of automotive excellence. It does this by operating a safe and exciting annual event in the Big Bend region for cars designed by Carroll Shelby. Event highlights include speed and handling events, car shows, and scenic drives.

Warren Faris (President) (210) 413-0907
send electronic mail to: warrenfaris at yahoo dot com

Sean Cook (Vice President) (210) 885-7326

send electronic mail to: Sean at TerlinguaPS dot com

David Elkowitz (Treasurer)

send snailmail to: P.O. Box 47, Big Bend National Park, TX 79834
send electronic mail to: vorpl8 at yahoo dot com

Jim Attebury (Historian)

send electronic mail to: trt404 at yahoo dot com

Jim Lee (Sgt. at Arms)
send electronic mail to: j_lee_sc at outlook dot com

Mike Shaw 
send electronic mail to:robert.m.shaw at verizon dot net